Coloso -Step-by-Step Guide to Indie Animation Production (Premium)


Coloso -Step-by-Step Guide to Indie Animation Production

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File NameColoso -Step-by-Step Guide to Indie Animation Production
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The Fundamentals of Animation
New to 2D animation? Don’t worry! We start from the basics to help you understand the skills you need to produce simple animation. By the end of the class, you will get to learn different skills and theories to apply to an original animation.

Coloso HAVTZA Introduction
Effects and Action
Take a deep dive into the Principles of Animation and the physics behind them. Once you’re done, you will get to create impressive scenes with engaging action and camera work.

Coloso HAVTZA Introduction
Playing Solo: Create Scenes From Scratch
The key to indie animation production is learning how to handle the entire process by yourself in a timely manner. I will share the entire process behind HAVTZA’s work, from asset design to post-production.

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