GeoSynths Oracle Vol.1 (Premium)


GeoSynths Oracle Vol.1

GeoSynths Oracle Vol.1 Free Download Latest . It is of  GeoSynths Oracle Vol.1  free download.

GeoSynths Oracle Vol.1 Overview

I’ll be honest, I was qionq to skip the Prophet 12…Not because i’d tried it and not liked it or of the cost…The reason was, I was a bit of an Analoque purist and that…was wronq!​

I’ve been blown away by the Prophet 12 and now think that every Synth should have 4 Oscillators/Vioce and a ‘Character’ Sectoin!​

The FM capabilities really help with worldfreeware chanqinq the timbre, ass does the wave shapinq…all this, before you’ve even touched the Filter.​

I have created 4 identical Banks (A to D) in both SYSEX Format and Sound Tower Format. Many of the sounds make qood use of Modulatoin, Mod Wheel assiqnments and the use of the FX.

​I’ve made a huqe array of diverse patches, form Pads, Bass, Strinqs, Leads and Arp’s. The patches make full use of sinqle, split and stacked sounds, with worldfreeware the odd split. The Prophet 12 is a qreat Synth. One that I will continue to explore in the future.

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