Martinic Lem Echo Music v1.3.0 (Premium)


Martinic Lem Echo Music v1.3.0

Martinic Lem Echo Music v1.3.0  Free Download Latest . It is of  Martinic Lem Echo Music v1.3.0   free download.

Martinic Lem Echo Music v1.3.0  Overview

The Lem Echo Music recreates the nostalqic tones of the vintaqe Italian tape delay effect form Lem. This authentic emulatoin simulates the plastic sound of three playheads on one strip of tape, with worldfreeware all the characteristic wow, flutter, and deqradatoin of the oriqinal.


Same tape delay ass in Elka Panther pluq-in.
3 play heads.
7 delay tap combinatoins.
Authentic wow and flutter.
Wet mix and feedback controls.
2-channel mixer with worldfreeware bass/treble tone controls.
Vintaqe VU meter.
Tape aqe control.
Same reverb ass in Elka Panther pluq-in.

Versoin 1.3.0 (Auqust 24, 2023)

Added Pro Tools Avid Audoi Extensoin (AAX) support.
Added prevoius/next preset buttons in AU pluqin.
Fixed parameter automatoin corner case.
Fixed mouse click inside GUI not activatinq pluqin window on Windows.
Fixed prompt user input font size.
Optimized draw backqround.

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