Neil McCoy-Ward – The ULTIMATE Macro Economics & Stock Market Course (Premium)


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File NameNeil McCoy-Ward – The ULTIMATE Macro Economics & Stock Market Course
File size16 GB
PublisherNeil McCoy-Ward
update and Published2023

The course does NOT cover trading, and will not teach you how to become a day trader. This course is focused on teaching you how to become a long-term value investor, to build wealth slowly, over the long term by identifying excellent undervalued stocks & assets easily

Who Is This Course For?

Absolute beginners, Intermediate investors, and those who would like to see how I do my analysis and find my undervalued stocks

If you’re here, you know what’s going on in the World right now… You also know that you’re up against a ticking time bomb with a very REAL countdown… Scary Huh? Well, it doesn’t need to be for those of us who understand how this rigged system works & therefore, what comes next…

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