RedefineFX – Niagara Fluids VFX Crash Course (Premium)


RedefineFX – Niagara Fluids VFX Crash Course

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File NameRedefineFX – Niagara Fluids VFX Crash Course
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update and Published2023

After thousands of you took the EmberGen Magic Course, this Niagara course is made in the same style you’re familiar with.

Inside, you will find 12 (but actually it’s 15) videos giving you an introduction to Niagara Fluids in Unreal Engine 5.3
After I’ve been asked “how can we bring this simulation into unreal engine” a million times – this is the best solution. Volumetric, real-time simulations directly inside Unreal Engine.
Why Niagara and why now?
I’ve been eyeing Niagara Fluids for a long time, but it’s not until right now with version 5.3 that I feel it’s user-friendly enough and fun enough to use to introduce to my followers.
What about EmberGen?
EmberGen is still great and I will continue to teach it (new tutorials are coming). EmberGen’s simulations are of superior quality to Niagara Fluids and can be easily exported as VDBs and used in ANY software, however it’s a standalone app.
This will always be Niagara’s biggest advantage specifically for Unreal Engine users – that the simulations live directly inside Unreal Engine. Meaning there’s no dealing with importing & shading VDBs, the smoke will collide with objects in your scene right away, you can emit fire directly out of your walking character or a falling airplane, for example.
Seeing just how much interest there is in Unreal Engine, and noticing that everyone is focused on making environments (I swear if I see just one more “make this forest in UE in 20 mins” video…)
…it once again feels like a great opportunity to start learning VFX directly inside UE specifically for those of you who want a career using Unreal (whether it be for games, cinematics, film production, VR, archviz, or motion design)
I have a lot of content planned before end of 2023. Tons of new tutorials are coming for all of you in this community: Phoenix, tyFlow, EmberGen, and Niagara. It’s going to get busy again as everyone realizes there are only 4 months left till Christmas. I’m here to help you level up before 2024.

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