Impact Soundworks Momentum – Acoustic Rhythmic Loops KONTAKT (Premium)


Impact Soundworks Momentum – Acoustic Rhythmic Loops KONTAKT

Impact Soundworks Momentum – Acoustic Rhythmic Loops    Free Download Latest . It is of  Impact Soundworks Momentum – Acoustic Rhythmic Loops   free download.

Impact Soundworks Momentum – Acoustic Rhythmic Loops  Overview

Impact Soundworks Momentum – Acoustic Rhythmic Loops KONTAKT
May 25, 2022 0
Impact Soundworks Momentum – Acoustic Rhythmic Loops KONTAKT

Your “secret weapon” for unique rhythmic loops & sound design you won’t hear anywhere else! Momentum is a treasure trove of 2,500+ sounds sampled from unexpected sources that are all-acoustic, from hammered guitars to found metal objects to rare hand percussion. Add tension when scoring action scenes, or create texture and rhythm perfect for world music or cross-genre compositions!


Over 2,500 24-bit rhythm performances
Over 100 different instruments and kits sampled
Tonal and unpitched percussion
Entirely new, organic, and unique material
Unique instruments, techniques and found objects
All loops also provided as WAV/REX2
120+ playable multisampled instruments and sounds
WAV/REX2 and Stylus RMX versions included

Powerful Loop Designer Patch:
Edit parameters for each slice
Live-triggered stutter, chop, reverse, shuffle
Powerful modulation matrix link to FX
MIDI drag and drop to DAW
Flexible Loop Mapper Patch:
Fill five octaves up with individual loops
Per-key volume, tune and pan editing
Tag-based browser to easily find the perfect loop


Kontakt patches Kontakt Player version 5.6.8 or higher
WAV / REX2 files do not require Kontakt
8GB disk space (Kontakt ver)
8GB disk space (WAV/REX files)
2011 or later processor. Your system must also meet the requirements for version 5.6.8 of Kontakt. If you cannot run that version, you will not be able to load this library.

We created Momentum because we’re always looking for new rhythmic elements to add to our own music — especially sounds that break away from the pack. To make sure we built a totally unique sound palette with immense variety, we called on a diverse array of talented recording artists and sound designers, who each offered their own distinct take on the challenge of organic, unexpected percussion.

What did they give us? Over 2,500 performances and hundreds of multisamples that put a new spin on percussive sounds: Mistreated bass drums and rare hand percussion, hammered guitars and slapped cellos, giant boxes and tiny blocks, found metal objects galore, and more. It’s a fantastic collection of percussion loops that works great for filling in specific frequency ranges, or creating an entire groove from scratch.

Although there’s an enormous amount of content, it’s also very easy to find exactly what you’re looking for! Every sound is tagged and categorized both by material (like glass, metal, or stone) and frequency range (low, med, high, full), and the UI is both simple and user-friendly. The unprocessed and natural sounds give this library a versatility that transcends genres. If you wish to give your loops a more cutting-edge character, Momentum’s sound design capabilities (effects like filters, glitching, and chopping) are up to the challenge.

Momentum opens up a world of possibilities for film, TV, & game composers who need detailed, uncommon, real world sounds to energize their tracks, or who wish to morph these sounds into entirely new ones using Momentum’s sound design tools. You’ll be covered for everything from action and tension tracks to more intimate genres like ambient, world music, and folk rock (with an impressive selection of hand percussion such as shakers).


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Impact Soundworks Momentum [KONTAKT]

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