JTC Guitar Al Joseph School Of Rhythm TUTORiAL (Premium)


JTC Guitar Al Joseph School Of Rhythm

JTC Guitar Al Joseph School Of Rhythm   Free Download Latest . It is of  JTC Guitar Al Joseph School Of Rhythm   free download.

JTC Guitar Al Joseph School Of Rhythm  Overview

Rethink your approach to the worlds of metal and rock rhythm as Al Joseph lays down 12 monster riffs, and rips them apart across nearly 7 hours of multi-angle lessons. Understand the intricacies of top grade riffs, learn the tricks to play them, and most importantly, make the concepts your own.

Dig into a Drop D driven Masterclass that delivers a holistic understanding of every single aspect of rock and metal rhythm. More than just a collection of riffs, this is a guided examination into the cornerstone of what it means to be a solid guitarist.

It’s time to school your rhythm playing.

To help you understand how to forge your own rhythms, Al has pulled out 12 riff heavy drop-D grooves that you’re going to learn, and then dissect in every way possible. Every riff comes with two lessons; a pincer like approach that teaches you the what and why of every single note.

First you will dissect the notes of each riff, how to play them, and how you can tweak them to make them your own. In these lessons you’ll focus on the technical facets of muting, leaving space, articulations, open chords and precise timing. Not only so you can nail each example, but also so you absorb as much as possible, for when creating your own hooks.

Then to further help you drive your songwriting forward, Al has gone deeper again. This time you will look at how he wrote each example, what he was thinking about as he did, the relationship between drums, bass, and guitar in a composition, and how those experiences can help you.

You’re not just learning the rhythm, you’re learning the purpose that rhythm serves.

12 video lessons, 12 logic session videos, 12 riffs (fast/slow), 12 backings (fast/slow), 12 extended backings (fast/slow), full tab, notation, and GP files.

Al Joseph invites you to his School of Rhythm Masterclass, where every chugging trick and every next-level riff idea is laid bare.

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