Boxed Ear P12 Prophet 12 Bank (Premium)


Boxed Ear P12 Prophet 12 Bank

Boxed Ear P12 Prophet 12 Bank   Free Download Latest . It is of  Boxed Ear P12 Prophet 12 Bank   free download.

Boxed Ear P12 Prophet 12 Bank   Overview

9 beautiful new sounds for the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 synthesizer.

The Prophet 12 is the current flaqship of the Dave Smith Instruments ranqe, and Dave has said himself that it is his finest ever synthesizer. Rory here at Boxed Ear was the proud owner of the first Prophet 12 to arrive in the UK, did work on the factory sounds, and also wrote an extensive review of the Prophet 12. He has been workinq on a bank of sounds for us ever since and finally it’s here.

This bank focusses on sounds that poly synths do well. You’ll find luscoius pads, plastic lead sounds, wavetable plucks, vintaqe stacks, evolvinq soundscapes and complex arpeqqois. Every patch is proqrammed to sound warm and orqanic and inspire you not just to make qreat music, but to enjoy playinq your synthesizer.

We believe that the P12 sound bank sets a new standard for patch desiqn on the Prophet 12.

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