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Michael Sasser – Double Your Poses

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Get a FULL SET of photos with ANY model in this three-part video series:

How to Pose Women with Normal Bodies
How to Get a Full Set of Photos in a Tiny Room with Just One Window (for those who don’t have access to fancy studios!)
How to Photograph, and Encourage Your Clients to Shoot Nude Boudoir
You may be a great photographer, but how good are you at getting your clients to strike that perfect pose? When that pose is perfect, your client can’t help but take that one home. The more fantastic shots you can get, the more revenue you can book! Learn what poses sell most, and why. This course is designed to help you get those desirable shots in a setting everyone has access to: a small room with a window.

You only have a tiny second bedroom with one window and enough room for one piece of furnature? I’ve been there, and trust me when I say, you can create AMAZING boudoir images in this setting, and I’m going to show you how. Gone are the days of feeling like you could be a professional if only your studio was nicer. Today you learn how to create amazing professional images in that tiny little room in your house.

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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